Tax Court of Canada has released a number of judgements dealing with false receipting this week.  The cases all relate to a scheme in Vancouver involving the issuance of approximately $12 million in false receipts.  The cases of Azim Bani (2012-35421(IT)I, Jose Vekkal (2013-882(IT)I), Remmy Vekkal (2013-883(IT)I), Martin Izkendar (2013-220(IT)I), Ruben Nocon (2013-635(IT)I), Iraj Rasuli (2013-886(IT)I), Khorshid Rasuli (2013-887(IT)I), Ladan Abootaleby-Pour (2013‑1779(IT)I) and Oleg Komarynsky (2013-3354(IT)I) all related to this scheme.  In one case for example it notes that CRA “alleges that the Appellant purchased false charitable donation receipts from his accountants, Fareed Raza and Saheem Raza (the “Raza Brothers”). The Raza Brothers provided accounting and tax services under the trade names Fareed Raza & Co. Inc. and F & A Accounting Corporation (“FA”). The Raza Brothers were charged with fraud for making false statements on income tax returns prepared by them for their clients.”  The Tax Court of Canada disallowed these false receipts.  

Here are links to the various cases:

Abootaleby-Pour v. The Queen – 2014 TCC 343 – 2014-11-18

Bani v. The Queen – 2014 TCC 340 – 2014-11-18

Izkendar v. The Queen – 2014 TCC 344 – 2014-11-18

Vekkal v. The Queen – 2014 TCC 341 – 2014-11-18

Rasuli v. The Queen – 2014 TCC 346 – 2014-11-18

Nocon v. The Queen – 2014 TCC 345 – 2014-11-18

Komarynsky v. The Queen – 2014 TCC 342 – 2014-11-18