On July 15, 2015 Mark Blumberg will be delivering a 2 hour presentation entitled “Top 20 Charity Law Issues for Canadian Registered Charities” in Ottawa.  The presentation is complimentary but if you are interested in attending you should register here.

Here is a description of the program.    

“Top 20 Charity Law Issues for Canadian Registered Charities” 

This presentation by charity lawyer Mark Blumberg provides plain language information and resources about the compliance obligations of Canadian registered charities.  It also covers the top CRA concerns for Canadian registered charities including:

T3010 Registered Charity Information Return
Official donation receipts
Staying within a charity’s legal objects
Fundraising regulation and CRA’s Guidance on Fundraising
Dealing with Non-Qualified Donees such as Canadian non-profits that are not registered charities and foreign charities
Changes to the disbursement quota and its impact on charities
Avoiding abusive charity tax schemes
Payments to directors
The importance of keeping adequate books and records
Allowable political activities of Canadian charities
Business activities and social enterprise by Canadian charities
How to handle a CRA charity audit
Important employment issues for Canadian charities
Top Liability Concerns for Charities & Directors of Charities

Mark will also provide participants with a checklist of top 20 compliance concerns with links to resources that provide further information.

Date and time – July 15, 2015.  2-4 pm

Location: 170 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, National Office Canadian Red Cross, 3rd floor, Dunant boardroom (check in at reception)

Cost: The program is offered complimentary to participants but they must register and space is limited.  

A special thank you to Amy Avis of the Canadian Red Cross for organizing the event.