I finally worked out why we have not been that successful in getting rid of those who are involved with charity fraud in Canada.  Take a look at this story on CNN.

Google search reveals true identity of suspect in Navy charity scam

According to CNN a “bored U.S. marshal using Google connected an alleged scam artist arrested this year under an alias to a lawyer who disappeared decades ago before he was indicted on federal fraud charges.”  The lawyer was a Harvard law grad who according to CNN “allegedly founded a fake charity—the U.S. Navy Veterans Association—through which he collected nearly $2 million from donors in 41 states in a telemarketing scam between 2005 and 2010, authorities said.”

The police officer is quoted as saying ““I happened to be a little bored that Friday afternoon,” Elliott said Monday. “Thank goodness for Google.”” 

Well I think we need one or two bored police officers in Canada and we need to equip them with this sophisticated Google tool. 

If there are no bored police officers then perhaps the RCMP or OPP, or some small town sheriff, can start dedicating a few hours on Friday afternoons looking for those who abuse charities.