Understanding legal compliance for registered charities is not easy but Blumbergs is offering exciting new upcoming events in 2018 that will help.   

Fundamentals of the T3010 and Transparency for Canadian charities

On Friday June 1, 2018, Blumbergs’ will be holding a half-day seminar in Toronto Fundamentals of the T3010 and Transparency for Canadian charities. Every year, Canadian registered charities must file the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return with the Charities Directorate of CRA.

As of November 2018, Canadian registered charities will be able to file the T3010 online which will make the process easier and quicker. If charities do not file the form, they can be revoked by CRA for non-filing. If the T3010 is not filed accurately it can be cause for suspension of a charity's receipting privileges. This seminar will focus on the legal and operational issues and not the accounting issues. Understanding the T3010 is essential for those involved with finance and governance at charities, as well as researchers, grant writers, funders and fundraisers.  Register Here.

Fundamentals of Receipting by Canadian Charities

On Tuesday September 18, 2018 Blumbergs’ will be holding a half-day seminar Fundamentals of Receipting by Canadian charities in Toronto. 

Properly issuing official donation receipts has been challenging for many registered charities.  According to the CRA, 89% of registered charities that are audited by CRA are not correctly issuing official donation receipts.  Issuing incorrect receipts can result in revocation or penalties. It is easier to do it right than fix problems later!  Register Here