Here are some of the upcoming charity law seminars I will be presenting across Canada through the Charity Law Information Program. The seminar will cover top legal issues, fundraising regulation and appropriate/inappropriate receipting practices.  A full day session is only $40 and includes lunch – great value for charities, their staff and members of the board of directors who want to understand compliance obligations.  It is so inexpensive because the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency through its Charities Partnership and Outreach Program has supported the CLIP program.  We have had a great response and a number of the sessions have been sold out.

Here is a quick blurb on my session – more information in the flyers:

Understanding CRA’s Fundraising Guidance and More (morning)
The Dos and Don’ts of Charitable Receipting (afternoon)
Facilitated by charity lawyer Mark Blumberg, this workshop will review the Fundraising Guidance as well as explore key compliance and standards issues for charities. You’ll learn about CRA’s rules on appropriate allocation of fundraising expenses and new transparency, accountability and disclosure requirements that have been introduced for Canadian charities. In the afternoon, Mark will tackle the nitty-gritty of receipting where you’ll explore when is your charity allowed to issue official donation receipts and for how much, the rules about split receipting and how it affects your galas, golf tournaments and other fundraisers, and how to avoid the top receipting mistakes.

Here are some recent past presentations:

Calgary, AB (FULL) – September 28 (Fundraising and Receipting Brochure for Calgary September 28, 2010)
Red Deer, AB – September 29 (Fundraising and Receipting Brochure Red Deer September 29, 2010)
Edmonton, AB (FULL) – September 30 (Fundraising and Receipting Brochure for Edmonton September 30, 2010)
Thunder Bay, ON – October 4 (Fundraising and Receipting Brochure for Thunder Bay October 4, 2010)
Winnipeg, MB – October 7 (Fundraising and Receipting Brochure for Winnipeg October 7, 2010)
Burlington, ON – October 21, 2010 (Fundraising and Receipting Brochure Burlington, ON October21, 2010)
Toronto, ON – October 26, 2010 (Fundraising and Receipting Brochure Toronto October 26, 2010)
Montreal, QC – November 1 (Fundraising and Receipting Brochure for Montreal November 1, 2010)
Vancouver, BC – November 24 (Fundraising and Receipting Brochure for Vancouver November 24, 2010)
Kingston, ON (November 29) – (Fundraising and Receipting Brochure Kingston November 29, 2010)
Regina, SK (December 7, 2010) – (Fundraising and Receipting Brochure Regina December 7, 2010) [SOLD OUT]

Here are upcoming webinars from CLIP: