I asked MGCS for an update on ONCA and received the following on May 5, 2021:


We are targeting to proclaim ONCA as soon as possible and will update the ministry’s ONCA website here once further information is available.   The proclamation of ONCA is linked to the launch of the new Ontario Business Registry (OBR).  The new OBR is not yet live and the launch date is still to be confirmed.

Although they have discussed the new Ontario Business Registry this is probably the most tied I have seen to the launch of ONCA.  Clearly, the holdup with ONCA is tied to problems with new Ontario Business Registry.   So when will the new Ontario Business Registry be ready?   We don’t know – could be July 1, 2021 or January 2022 or perhaps 2023 which is ten years after it was supposed to be brought into force originally!