Today I received more data from CRA for the T3010.  It has partial information for 2019 and 2020 as at February 28, 2021.  For 2019, there are 79840 charities reporting.   For 2020, there are 25,877   There was an extension provided because of COVID so that charities in 2020 only had to file their 2019 and 2020 returns by December 2020.   This is one reason that the data from 2019 is not nearly as complete as one would expect by this time.  As well some groups may not have filed their T3010 at all for 2020 or their information has not been processed yet by CRA or provided.

For those who believe data is important and that data should be used to inform policy it is a little frustrating that in mid-March 2021 we don’t even have the full data set for 2019.  The charity sector has a large impact on our society and spends about $260 billion.