We have recently upgraded the CharityData.ca website.  The work on the upgrade has taken place over the last eight months.


Some of the changes or improvements include the following:

  • A new search engine that is quicker than the old one and a bit easier to update.  I don’t understand it all so I will not try to explain.    Apparently, technology gets better and CharityData.ca has been around for over 5 years.
  • When when you are reviewing a charity you can toggle on or off the T3010 line numbers. Some people prefer to see these line numbers while others don’t as it makes the text more crowded and now you’ll have a choice.
  • We have included the ability to export tables in CSV format as a number of people have requested that functionality.
  • We have added for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020 all foreign activity intermediaries as CRA is now providing that information.  Previously CRA only provided three names of intermediaries even if a registered charity had far more intermediaries that it was funding.
  • When you look at the fundraising tab it includes “Gifts Received from Other Registered Charities Over Last 10 Years (Top 200)” and we have included not just the reported amount (cash) but also whether any were gifts-in-kind.
  • In the advanced charity search, we have added some extra filtering categories on the left-hand side. For example,
    • You can filter by “designation” such as charitable organization, private foundation or public foundation
    • We have increased the number of categories and subcategories so there are now 252 categories that you can sort charities by. First, select categories and once you have selected your category the subcategories will appear.
    • We have added to the revenue filtering so that you can filter by filter by six different revenue figures – you can also filter by six different asset figures and six different expense figures.
    • You can also filter by number of employees
    • You can also filter by postal code or part of a postal code
  • In terms of sorting the results, we have now made it easier to view the different sorting mechanisms because we have grouped them for example by assets, revenues or expenditures.  We have also added about 10 sorting filters so there are now over 30.   Just go to advanced charity search and use the drop-down “Sort Results By” to see all the filters.  These are in addition to the 10 searches/filters on the left.
  • With directors of registered charities, you can now filter by province and city.
  • Also notice that CRA is giving more space for charities to provide a description of their activities, both new and existing.  It is important that charities not just restate their objects or put in vague descriptions – use the 4 or 5 paragraphs in the new and existing program spaces to explain what your charity actually does and some of the impact it is having in the community. Perhaps put in some keywords so that some searches of the system will result in your charity being found.   Apparently, over the last 30 days, we had 20,000 users, 24,000 sessions and the average time spent on the CharityData.ca website was 1 minute 29 seconds.   Over the last year, we had 177,000 users with 229,000 sessions and the average session duration was 1 minute and 56 seconds. Surely it must be more than Paul Nazareth and Gail Picco using the site!
  • We have stopped displaying political activity information after 2018 as CRA is no longer, unfortunately, asking any questions about political activities or Public Policy Dialogue and Development Activities.
  • We recently received from CRA over 1000 financial statements of charities and we have included at the bottom of those charities the financial statements.   We had requested 86,000 financial statements, hoping that the new CRA system could easily do that, but apparently it is not that easy.   So we are pleased that we received at least 1000 financial statements and it is a beginning.   Some of the 1000 are random, some are based on our request for the largest charities, excluding hospitals and universities, which we would hope would put the financial statements on their websites.


We hope that you find the website helpful.


Thank you to The-Wire and their developers for managing these changes and maintaining the website.


Soon we will be adding additional years as the information becomes available and keeping the older yours so currently there may be up to 17 years of information on a charity.


At the moment the Charitydata.ca website is based on the registered charities in 2018 and shortly we will be updating it to be based on the last full year which is 2019.


We will probably have to update our article CRA’s Charities Listing vs. Blumbergs’ Charity Data 2020.