Earlier this month, CRA update the T3010 form found here. With the CRA’s COVID-19 extension for the T3010 Annual Return, many charities must file their T3010 by December 31, 2020. This deadline is fast approaching and many charities may have already started filling out the form. We recommend that all charities ensure that they not only get the T3010 form in on time, but also that they ensure they are using the correct T3010 form.

If you are using CRA’s Digital Services for Registered Charities, you will automatically have the correct T3010 form. Submitting the filing online also helps ensure that the filing is received by CRA on time and with all the relevant attachments. We recommend that any registered charities with access to the online system to use the online T3010 form.

Blumberg Segal is can review your T3010 filing before it is submitted. For more information on accessing the online services, you can watch our webinar on Accessing Digital Services for Charities.