As many know the CRA has launched a consultation on political activities by Canadian charities.  The Canadian Charity Law Association will be having Mark Blumberg present a webinar on the consultation and various ways of responding or not responding to it. The webinar will be on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 12:00PM EST.  You can register here for the webinar.  It is free but there is limited space.  

The CRA consultation on political activities reinforces the importance of charities being engaged in the political process. The CRA is looking for feedback on the rules and CRA's guidance.  People or organizations have until November 25, 2016 to provide comments.   Many organizations are struggling with whether to put in a submission and what are some of the issues that should be commented on.  

The webinar will cover:            

  • Importance of political activities for Canadian charities 
  • Statistical information on how many charities conduct political activities 
  • An overview of the rules for political activities and registered charities
  • Some ethical considerations for charities to consider
  • The CRA consultation – what it is about and the background
  • What is holding charities back from conducting more political activities?
  • Ideas being discussed or considered for reform
  • Issues and concerns with some of the reform ideas