Many people in Ontario are wondering what the status of ONCA is.  I just wrote this email to MGCS and look forward to hearing more and sharing it with the sector.

Here is my note to MGCS:

Dear MGCS,

I would like to receive an update on the status of the of the transition from the Ontario Corporations Act (OCA) to the new Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA).  As you know there are about 50,000 non-profit organizations in Ontario and they are interested in understanding how ONCA will affect them.

Can you please provide an update on ONCA from the response from MGCS below I received in January 2019?

“The ministry is continuing to work to bring the ONCA into force as early as possible with a target of early 2020.  The government is currently being briefed on ONCA and if there is any new information on ONCA to share with the public this will be communicated on the Ministry’s website at  The new business information and registration system to allow all businesses to access more services online is anticipated to launch at the same time.”

We have reviewed the link above on the Ontario government website and it indicates that it has not been updated since February 20, 2019.

In light of the large number of groups, and hundreds of thousands of volunteers involved with those groups, that are affected by the transition from the OCA to ONCA, the gaps in information available, the limited time until ONCA is supposed to come into force, it would therefore be very helpful if further information can be provided.