I sometimes laugh when I see some of the things that lawyers think are worthy of comment.  For example really esoteric cases.  Then almost two weeks ago there was an important decision in the extremely backlogged Tax Court of Canada – Kossow – it dealt with a type of scheme that CRA labels “abusive charity gifting tax schemes”.  In totality, the different schemes involve about $6 billion in receipts issued and $3 billion dollars in lost tax revenues.  And there is almost complete silence.  It is unfortunate that so far no one in the media has picked up on the case.  For those who don’t understand the value of charitable donation incentives if the federal and provincial governments lose $3 billion dollars in tax revenue, it either means a greater national debt, higher taxes or lower services.  Every Canadian taxpayer is paying hundreds of dollars more in taxes as a result of these schemes and they are backlogging the Tax Court of Canada.  Hopefully, the victory for CRA in Kossow will be another nail in the coffin of these schemes – however, if no one knows that these schemes are being shot down then more gullible people will invest in the schemes.

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