Understanding this important and often misunderstood philanthropic vehicle?


Donor advised funds or DAFs have become increasingly popular in Canada. A DAF is a registered charity and it has separate donor advised funds. A donor can donate to the DAF, receive an official donation receipt and then make recommendations to the DAF as to which registered charities should receive gifts from the DAF. While DAFs have existed for decades with community foundations they are now being embraced other charities as well as by financial institutions.

DAFs are often misunderstood. They have supporters and critics. DAFs can be very helpful to philanthropists and charities but some donors in certain instances may find them limiting or frustrating. Understanding DAFs is important for donors, charities and regulators.

This 1.5 hour course will cover:

  • How every foundation and DAF is different
  • What is a donor advised fund (DAF)?
  • DAF versus other types of restricted gifts
  • DAF versus alternative structures especially private foundations
  • How does a DAF work?
  • What is a qualified donee?
  • Tax benefits of donating to DAF or registered charity
  • Establishing a DAF in an existing charity or establishing new charity
  • What are donor benefits of a DAF?
  • Donor concerns with DAFs
  • Donor Advised Funds – Tips for donors and their advisors
  • Public Policy Concerns with DAFs
  • Regulation of DAFs
  • Optional Quiz

This course is meant for those who work for DAFs, philanthropists who are considering gifting large amounts to DAFs, and professional advisors for charities or philanthropists to who wish to understand this planned giving tool.