If you are a group outside of Canada wanting to understand options for fundraising in Canada then this course is for you.


Are you a group outside of Canada considering fundraising initiatives in Canada or a group outside of Canada that has supporters in Canada? Are you wondering how to deal with Canadian supporters? The presentation will briefly introduce participants to the Canadian charitable sector which has total revenue of over $250 billion including fundraising revenue of about $16 billion. Canadian charities spend over $4 billion outside of Canada each year.


  • Fundraising in Canada by US, European and other foreign charities
  • Options available to foreign charities for fundraising in Canada including a very generous system for certain foreign universities fundraising in Canada
  • Establishing a Canadian registered charity that can issue tax receipts to Canadian donors
  • Obligations of foreign charities in Canada, specifically, compliance requirements with the regulation of fundraising in Canada and funding activities outside of Canada

Course overview:

  1. Introduction to Canadian Charity Sector
  2. Considerations when fundraising in Canada
  3. Options for structuring a fundraising entity in Canada
  4. Should we establish a Canadian registered charity and if so how?
  5. Fundraising Rules
  6. Spending Funds in Canada and Abroad
  7. Receipting, Reporting and Compliance

This course is FOR:

  • Foreign non-profits and charities that may wish to fundraise, receive grants, or carry out charity operations in Canada
  • People in Canada who may wish to affiliate with a foreign organization and use their intellectual property – this course allows them to understand the greater complexity of that relationship compared to a Canadian individual just establishing a standalone Canadian charity in Canada
  • Lawyers and other professionals advising charities outside of Canada on establishing themselves in Canada

This course is NOT for:

  • foreign universities who typically have at least 2 Canadian students studying at the university as they can be a registered foreign university
  • Not for the UN and its agencies who are qualified donees and can issue official donation receipts without establishing a Canadian charity
  • those who don’t have any organization and want to setup a Canadian entity (whether you live in Canada or elsewhere) you might find our course “Should We Establish a Canadian Non-Profit or Charity and How to Do It?” more helpful.