Who has control over your organization?


This 2-hour course, Membership of Non-Profits and Charities in Canada, provides an easy to understand overview of the most important considerations in deciding on how to structure a membership for a Canadian non-profit or registered charity. One of the most important governance considerations is the structure of membership and if your membership structure and processes are not appropriate it can undermine your non-profit or charity and the mission of the charity.

Topics covered in the course: 

  • Overview and who should care about this course
  • What is a member?
  • Do you need membership?
  • Directors vs. members
  • Guidance from the Charity Commission of England and Wales on membership
  • Positives and Negatives of Membership
  • Multiple Membership classes
  • Best Practices
  • Why do people want to be members?
  • Alternatives to membership
  • Restrictions on membership
  • Options for members who disagree
  • Quorum
  • Membership models – 6 different models and pros and cons of each
  • Decision-Making around Membership Models
  • Initial membership and changes to membership

Who should care about membership, and potentially takes this course:

  • Board members and other stakeholders of an organization including members, employees, volunteers, etc
  • Funders
  • Regulators
  • Professional advisors including lawyers, governance consultants, accountants, etc.