Restricted gifts are common and can in certain circumstance undermine the operations of the charity and the precious resources donated by philanthropists


In a highly competitive charitable fundraising environment it is important that Canadian charities have a plan to deal with restricted gifts. Gifts may be restricted as to their purposes (e.g. Scholarships) and to the timing of their expenditure (e.g. Long-term endowments). In this course we will look at:


  • Defining restricted gifts – legal and practical definitions
  • The strategic decision as to whether and how to accept restricted gifts
  • The regulatory framework for restricted gifts
  • Structuring donor and funding agreements
  • Applying new rules on existing endowment funds
  • The dangers of restricted funds and how they can perpetually haunt you.
  • Suggestions for avoiding problems with restricted gifts and some case studies on restricted gifts


This course will be of interest to charities including their board members, fundraising staff and financial management personnel. It will also be helpful to philanthropists and their advisors considering how to have maximum impact with their gifts and avoid major mistakes with gifts.