It is a big decision and this course covers a number of different matters or issues to carefully consider in order to make the right decision


There are over 600,000 directors of Canadian charities alone. There are many more people in Canada who serve on the boards of non-profits that are not charities. Non-profits and registered charities need to have directors who are capable, caring, connected for these sectors to operate properly.


This course will give you ideas of issues, questions and items to consider before agreeing to be a director or board member of a Canadian charity or non-profit. This course cannot answer the question for you of whether you should join a particular board as it is often a deeply personal and highly fact-specific decision that is sometimes easy to make and sometimes not. However, hopefully, this course will help you make a more informed decision.


Some of the topics covered include:


  • Directors are vital for the voluntary sector
  • Every organization is different
  • Are you eligible to be on the board?
  • What is your motivation?
  • Pros of becoming a director
  • Cons of becoming a director
  • Some thoughts on joining an NPO board
  • Due diligence on the organization
  • Consider questions on the organization
  • Consider questions for yourself
  • Is there a “hidden agenda”?
  • Is the fit correct?
  • Do you understand the board role?
  • What are this organization’s expectations of board members?


This course may be of interest to people considering joining the board of a non-profit or registered charity in Canada.