Some of the first steps for a Canadian registered charity after receiving your notification of registration


So now you are a registered charity. What is next?

It can take 4-6 months and sometimes even longer to get registered charity status in Canada with the Charities Directorate. Only about 46% of applicants are successful. Although applying for charity status may seem like the hard part, it is actually being a registered charity, including fundraising, carrying out charitable activities and ensuring compliance that are the most difficult part. Many charities do not start operations until after they have received registered charity status – this course will cover some of the first steps for a new registered charity, including the following items to consider:

• Review Notification of Registration

• Set up a bank account

• Set up credit card

• Online fundraising and issuing of receipts.

• Use proper corporate name and business names

• Having board meetings and taking minutes

• Are organizational documents up to date? Are you clear about membership?

• Board education and understanding


• Accountants

• Bookkeepers

• Distinctiveness from non-charities

• Establishing your Canadian charity’s identity

• Update corporate information if required

• Canadian donors – past donors and receipts?

• Donor Advised Funds and transfer over funds to the Canadian charity

• Setting up a process for issuing proper official donation receipts

• Keeping books and records

• Make sure you have internal controls in place

• Employment – payroll and employment agreements

• Objects and activities – make sure they fit

• Be aware of some of CRA’s most important guidance

• Protecting IP

• Provincial Registrations – for fundraising or operating

• Do you need multiple corporate entities?

• Is information that CRA has up-to-date?

• Review T3010 and information that will need to be filed – also diarize date for first filing