Top compliance issues affecting Canadian registered charities


This 3-hour course, Top 20 Charity Law Issues for Canadian Registered Charities, provides an easy to understand overview of the top compliance issues for Canadian registered charities including some of the top CRA concerns for Canadian registered charities. If you are involved with the governance of a Canadian registered charity it makes little sense to focus on obscure case law or issues when there are some very important compliance issues that can undermine your charity status and the mission of the charity.

Here are the topics covered in the course:

  1. Failure to File the T3010
  2. Mistakes with the T3010
  3. Incorrect Receipts
  4. Acting Outside Legal Objects
  5. Non-Charitable Activities
  6. Gifts to Non-Qualified Donees
  7. Fundraising Costs and Practice
  8. Charity Gifting Tax Shelters
  9. Employment Issues
  10. Failing to Keep Adequate Books and Records
  11. Failure to Meet Disbursement Quota
  12. Political Activities
  13. Unrelated Business Activities
  14. Religious School Tuition Receipts
  15. Fraudulent Tax Receipts
  16. Transactions with Directors
  17. Mishandling of Audit
  18. Changes/Approvals
  19. Corporate Changes
  20. Gift Restrictions

Top 20 Charity Law Issues for Canadian Registered Charities will be of interest to staff at registered charities responsible for compliance issues especially receipting and fundraising, professional advisors such as lawyers and accountants who advise charities and non-profits, and board members and other volunteers of Canadian registered charities. It will not make you a charity lawyer but it will help you avoid some of the most common compliance problems and challenges facing registered charities in Canada.